McCully Art Glass and Restoration is the premiere destination for repair, restoration and creation of tiffany stained glass in Lafayette, Indiana and the surrounding area. This specific type of decorative glass is the product of famous American artist and designer, Louis Comfort Tiffany. His contribution to stained glass provided both unique reflected light and texture using a variety of processes.

Tiffany stained glass has a variety of components distinguishing it from competitors, including the intricacy of its design. Instead of rendering finalized designs using painted enamel, each piece was selected and cut specifically for one small part of the overall composition. Examples of this artistic design can be found in windows, lamps, and other antique furniture both locally and abroad.

Tiffany stained glass has many contemporaries, but this type of stained glass succeeded through attention to detail and a genuine passion for ingenuity. Many stained glass styles reflect color according to the painted enamel adorned after their creation. Tiffany stained glass takes advantage of hand-made or Favrile glass, which provides color from the glass itself.  Using this technique, tiffany stained glass designers subscribed to a concept called “mosaic theory”, in which each composition was broken down to its individual parts and developed from the ground up.

For this reason, tiffany stained glass requires expert glass restoration servicebecause the intricacy of the leading frame and abundance of individual pieces makes this work incredibly challenging. These pieces are historical artwork and should be repaired and restored by a knowledgeable professional. TR McCully has spent the last two decades servicing and repairing tiffany stained glass in Lafayette and the surrounding area. His contribution and experience is a commodity to the community and provides protection from cultural stagnation.  Those seeking restoration, repair, or creation of tiffany stained glass pieces should consider relying on a local professional who is intimately familiar with Indiana’s historical stained glass.