Sunday morning is already a beautiful time when you have the day off, the children are playing, and there’s a fresh pot of coffee filling the air with that wonderful aroma. And for many people, Sunday is the day for church. Despite what may be a chaotic process of getting the children looking pristine and presentable, Sunday is typically meant to be a day of peaceful rest and relaxation. And what makes this day so much more beautiful is when the whole crew files in to the family church with a brilliant view of those colorful stained glass windows.


McCully Art Glass and Restorations is dedicated to keeping that beauty on full display by being your premier Lafayette, IN church stained glass window experts. We provide quality stained glass repairs, restorations, etched glass panels, sandblasting, and custom designs in central Indiana.

We do both onsite and offsite leaded glass repairs and restorations, and of course, this depends upon whether there is a small amount of damage or if a large portion—or the whole window—needs to be repaired, restored, or entirely replaced. If there are structural problems with the lead or steel re-enforcing bars or there are areas where the window needs to be re-cemented, this is where McCully will lovingly remove the window in order to properly mend it at the studio in downtown Lafayette. McCully is certainly a trust-worthy source for fixing your Lafayette, IN church stained glass window.


T. R. McCully has always been a passionate lover of art. He started doing stained glass while in college in 1993, and from there he became manager of Kaleidoscope Glass Co. until 2014. He then decided to form his own company centered on the repair and restoration of stained glass as well as custom window designs. His 4,000 square foot studio is housed in a 1920’s warehouse, which is perfect for dealing with larger restoration jobs. Over a 20-year period, McCully has worked on nearly every church in Lafayette, Indiana.


The usual life expectancy of the lead in leaded glass windows is around 80 to 100 years before it begins to deteriorate. Having a window re-leaded can make it look brand new. If your stained glass window needs this service, there is a 5-step process to make it happen.

First, a charcoal rubbing must be made of the window. Next, the window is disassembled in order to separate the glass and the lead. Then each piece of glass is gently cleaned before being put back in place and having the window reassembled with new lead and soldered. Finally, the glass is re-cemented and ready for re-installation.

Call McCully Art Glass and Restorations at (765) 588-5463 for maintenance on your Lafayette, IN church stained glass window!