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Quality Stained Glass Repairs and Restorations in Lafayette, Indiana

Founded in 2014, McCully Art Glass and Restorations provides expert stained glass window repairs and restorations for churches, homes, and businesses in north central Indiana and beyond. Stained glass windows are some of the most beautiful and historic art pieces around, and we are dedicated to preserving their beauty! We can restore vintage stained glass windows, panels, and other window art for your local church, or create custom designed stained glass windows, French doors, entry doors, lamps, and side light panels for your home or business.

Whether you want vibrant roses twining over your door or a religious scene casting colorful light on the floor of your church, we can create custom designs that will make your home, business, or church glow with beauty and color. With over 20 years of experience, our skilled artisans can also work with Tiffany style lamps, antiques, and other pieces of vintage furniture containing stained or leaded glass. Plus, we can also clean and personalize glass and metal surfaces with sandblasting! If the stained glass windows in your home, business, or church are broken, sagging, or dirty, we can restore them to their original beauty.

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Our Stained Glass Services - North Central Indiana

Expert Stained Glass Services

We are dedicated to providing quality stained glass services for our customers in north central Indiana. From stained glass window repair and restoration to sandblasting, building salvage, and glass etching, we can make the stained glass and leaded glass pieces in your home, church, or business truly shine. All pieces are handled with dedication and care so you can be sure your stained glass pieces are preserved and kept beautiful for years to come.

Onsite and Offsite Stained Glass Repairs and Restorations

We can do both onsite and offsite leaded glass repairs and restorations depending on the state of the glass. Most small glass breakage repairs can be done onsite with the window in place. In some cases, however, the amount of repair work requires the windows to be removed and brought back to our shop. These situations usually include structural problems with the lead or steel re-enforcing bars or areas where the window needs to be re-cemented. During offsite repairs, we will handle your stained glass pieces with the utmost care and will return them to you looking better and more beautiful than ever. In addition to general offsite and onsite repairs, we can also completely re-lead a stained glass window. The typical life expectancy of the lead in leaded glass windows is 80-100 years. After that, the lead begins to deteriorate. Re-leading the window can make the panel look brand new. If your stained glass window needs to be re-leaded, our re-leading process includes the following:

  1. A charcoal rubbing is made of the window.

  2. The window is carefully disassembled to separate the glass and the lead.

  3. Each piece of glass is gently cleaned of old cement and grime.

  4. The stained glass window is reassembled with new lead and soldered.

  5. The glass is then re-cemented.

stained glass repair for Indiana churches

Stained Glass Lampshade Repairs

Stained glass lampshades are a beautiful way to light up your home, church, or business. However, with wear and tear over time, these gorgeous lampshades often need repairs. At the McCully Renovations stained glass repair studio in Lafayette Indiana, we can mend broken glass, separated crowns, and even rewire lamps.

indiana stained glass repair of vintage lamps


Sandblasting is a fantastic way to clean or etch surfaces by using a high-velocity abrasive. With sandblasting, we can personalize appliances and decorations with many different types of glass etching at our Lafayette Indiana art glass studio. These services include stage blasting, company logos, and glass carving  If you have metals that need etching, we can also sandblast vintage lighting fixtures, window and door hardware, and antiques.

New Windows

In addition to repairs and renovations, we can also create custom stained glass window designs for homes, businesses, and churches! If you have a design in mind, we can turn that design into reality. We will work with you to choose the colors and shapes that best meet the needs of your design and the aesthetic of your home, business, or church.

Building Salvage

Nothing can be more devastating than losing stained glass windows during a building renovation. If your Indiana church, home, or business is moving someplace else or getting a new look, we can salvage stained glass pieces and re-size and re-purpose them for sale or reuse in new applications in our professional stained glass art studio. You will never have to worry about losing these historic and beautiful art pieces ever again.

Stained Glass Gallery

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About Our Stained Glass Repair and Restorations

Stained Glass Window Repair and Restoration Experts in Lafayette, Indiana

At McCully Art Glass and Restorations, we are dedicated to providing quality stained glass repairs, restorations, and custom designs to the communities in north central Indiana. Started in 2014 by T.R. McCully, our stained glass company offers custom stained glass windows, repairs, restorations, etched glass panels, sandblasting, and much more. We are located in a beautiful 4,000 square foot studio in downtown Lafayette, Indiana. If you have stained glass pieces that need to be restored or repaired or if you are looking for an expert artist to create a custom piece, please give us a call at 765-588-5463.

Owner & Operator T.R. McCully

Since T.R. McCully was a boy, he has always been passionate about art. In 1993, this passion took form when McCully started doing stained glass in college. After graduating from college, he became a manager at Kaleidoscope Stained Glass Co. from 1993-2014, where he manufactured gorgeous custom stained glass and did leaded glass restorations and repairs. In 2014, he left to start his own company so he could focus more on the repair and restoration of stained glass in addition to creating custom window designs. In August 2014, he relocated to a 4,000 square foot studio in a 1920’s warehouse to better facilitate large restoration jobs. Over the last 20 years, McCully has worked on the windows of just about every church in Lafayette, Indiana and he hopes to continue serving churches, homes, and businesses in north central Indiana for years to come.