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Bringing the Light Back into your Holiday Season
Christmas is a time for giving and spending time with family. It’s typical to exchange gifts with loved ones, but every year, it’s the same thing. You’re still probably scratching your head wondering what to buy your loved ones this Christmas. Do you get the male in your life his thousandth tie, or do you find something he will never expect? What about the females in your life? Do you get them another sweater or pair of earrings that will sit in the closet until Christmases to come? The good ...
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Hallelujah! Where to Buy a Church Window in Indiana
Stained glass windows are a beautiful example of the great design involved in creating a church. They allow light to shine through in multicolored splendor, enchanting the room, and providing a beautiful place to sit and worship. Seeing church windows every day keeping watch over the room makes you forget that they are historic pieces of art that sometimes need assistance to stay beautiful. Whether it’s a larger centerpiece in the sanctuary of your church or small pieces in other areas, our exp...
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