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Did You Know We Repair Stained Glass?

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Did You Know We Repair Stained Glass?

Did You Know We Repair Stained Glass?

So your spectacular stained glass lamp was just minding its own business when a purse strap catches on it and pushes it over the edge. Tragedy! Your lamp was so young. She still had so much to live for, so many years to light up the room. Or, let’s say your front door was adorned with a gorgeous stained glass window, just enjoying the afternoon. Then suddenly – CRASH! Your neighbor hit the baseball a little too far and now you’re stuck picking up the pieces of your stained glass window. But did you know that McCully Art Glass and Restorations in Lafayette, INrepairs stained glass?

Onsite and Offsite Repairs – Stained Glass Windows

Your window is now trashed. You carefully pick up the pieces of glass and give us at McCully Art Glass and Restorations call at (765) 588-5463. We can do onsite or offsite repairs, depending on the task at hand. You probably won’t be moving that stained glass window to be repaired, so we are here to help you out. However, some windows can be repaired on site. In any case, sometimes substantial structural damage requires that we remove the window and bring it back to our shop for repairs. This could include problems with the lead, the steel needs to be reinforced or the window needs to be re-cemented. We will handle your glass pieces with the greatest care while they are in our possession. You will be shocked at how beautiful they look when you get it back.

Re-leading Your Window

Did you know that the typical life expectancy of a leaded glass window (without repairs) is 80-100 years? Around that time, the lead starts to break down and needs to be fixed. To do this, we take a charcoal rubbing of the stained glass, carefully disassemble the glass and clean each individual piece of glass. After being cleared of grime and grit, the stained glass window is then carefully reassembled with the new lead. We then re-solder and re-cement your stained glass window.

Stained Glass Lampshade Repairs

You really enjoyed the way that the sunlight danced on the different colors, making the room light up in that special way. With wear and tear, stained glass lampshades don’t always last forever. But here at McCully Art Glass and Restorations, we can give your stained glass lamp a breath of fresh air and restore it to its original glory. You deserve to see your lamp live for another day!

McCully Art Glass and Restorations can:

  • Mend broken glass
  • Mend separated crowns
  • Even rewire lamps!

Custom Stained Glass & Sandblasting

As the top stained glass company in Indiana, not only do we repair stained glass, but we can also do custom stained glass and sandblasting on glass or metal (etching).


Now that you know we repair stained glass, you know who to call the next time there is a stained glass emergency: McCully Art Glass and Restorations in Lafayette, IN!


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